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● Clean air conditioning machine

Clean air conditioning machines are used for maintaining clean rooms and cleanliness of rooms and applied in clean rooms of chemical, electronic, semiconductor, medical, BIO and GMP, HACCP.

● Application machine

ACU, Thermo-Hygrostat, Refrigerator, Chilling Unit, Condenser Unit, Condensing Unit, Air Shower, Clean Booth, Clean Locker, Hepa Box, FFU, BFU, Pass Box, Relief Damper, Clean Bench, Air Curtain

Above machines are clean room of class 1 ~ 100,000, solutions are provided to fit on-site conditions and site characteristics.

Mir G&I designs and reviews equipment according to clean room conditions.

● Construction Case

Thermo-Hygrostat(Duct type)

Air Shower

Hepa filter box(After construction)

Pass box