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● Instruction

A clean room, as a place where indoor and residential environment is clean, is to prevent and remove pollution to maintain purity. Due to the rapid development of industrial technology in the modern industry, high cleanliness is required with pressure temperature, humidity, and particulates for production, and clean room offers constant maintaintance.

● ICR & BCR clean room

For precise manufacturing field, pharmaceutical, medical, food industry, experimental animal breeding facility, needs a place which is bio-clean room for high quality of products. ICR & BCR is constituted with high purity of environment of class 10~100,000 and maintained with managements.


ICR(Industrial clean room) is a clean room mainly used for the manufacturing process of industrial products, and mainly maintains floating particles in the air.

ICR clean room structure


BCR(Biological clean room) controls temperature, humidity, pressure, bio-particles and non-bio particles with the purpose of satisfy specific standard of products

Clean room type

Difference between ICR and BCR

ISO 14644-1 standard


Hazard analysis and critical control points or HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level. In this manner, HACCP attempts to avoid hazards rather than attempting to inspect finished products for the effects of those hazards. The HACCP system can be used at all stages of a food chain, from food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution, etc. These days, over the world including USA, Japan, EU, international organizations(CODEX, WHO, FAO) are encouraging strongly to apply HACCP.

HACCPs 7 principle


It is a specification of various requirements to manufacture advanced high-quality medicines, and a norm to be strictly observed in all aspects of quality control from the receipt to the delivery of raw materials. With modernization, automated manufacturing facilities and strict process control, manufacture high quality pharmaceuticals by eliminating errors that may occur in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and minimizing contamination

● Effect of GMP

  • Systematic approach to stability
  • Improve consumer confidence by enhancing corporate image through stable product production
  • Improvement of facility improvement and management of facility
  • Improving production welfare and systematic production management
  • Corporate differentiation strategy by acquiring GMP certification

● GMP requirements

● prevention of pollution and quality deterioration

● Dedicated work room/Separated workroom

● The role of each process and air conditioning equipment

● Dry room

In recent years, there has been a tendency to be associated with cleanliness of product production and R&D in industries such as batteries, electrolytes, pharmaceuticals, foods, and biotech. In this changes lead to deterioration of product productivity due to moisture and defective rate, which is now applied in many industrial fields.

● Dry room system

● Component

1. The low dew point dehumidifier, the low dew point dry dehumidifier
Devices that supplies low dew point air to the room by using the zeolite rotor.

2. Panel construction
Moisture interception and air tightness should be maintained inside the dry room

3. Duct construction
The path of the low dew point air should be structured to block the outside air intrusion as much as possible. Generally, the outer side applies WELDING DUCT.

4. Automatic control construction
Should be constructed to control the state of the indoor air automatically and central control also.

5. Plumbing construction

6. Floor construction
Due to low in humidity of the room, use antistatic tiles with structure to prevent moisture penetration from floor. Generally, conductive tiles are applied after epoxy lining.

● Air conditioning

At present, according to changes of buildings into eco-friendly and multi-smart, maintenance and convenience are being magnified. At present, the air conditioner provided by MIR G&I complemented, reinforced and overcame the unexpected difficulties such as decrease in function and capacity of equipment, maintenance, excessive demand for compactness and lightweight simplification. Also, it is applicable to various environments such as clean room, pharmaceuticals, and industrial air conditioners where OA needs to be introduced by making it adaptable to the environment that changes the outside air temperature.

  • Optimal design of air conditioning system according to clean room environment
    Design and review of air conditioning capacity to suit clean room cleanliness and temperature and humidity conditions
  • Different installation locations applied
    Provides an installable solution, such as a small mechanical room inside a building or an outdoor research and computing room
  • Casing and panel
    Insulation Method of Casing urethane with silicone Polyester Resin coated on Color Plate
  • Frame
    Depending on the application of aluminum frames to the standard panel and the application of steel pipes, a cold frame to prevent condensation can also be built.
  • Coil
    Coil pins are manufactured from aluminum or copper in a corrugate shape with thickness of 0.14mm or higher and can be fitted with a heat transfer mountain louver fin that is superior in heat at the request of the customer
  • Fan
    Air fill or Sirocco add Excel fan applicable, designed according to the situation and the air conditioning conditions.
  • Damper
    As an air Tight Damper, it excels at keeping confidential and air resistant, and it has excellent performance.

● Air conditioner

● Heterotype air conditioner(3 stage separation type)

● Cold water type air conditioner